The Corvus Trading Company began as a domestic business venture in Serrnis, the prospective path to greatness for a cadre of spare noble children who could each have lost half a dozen siblings without gaining any more hope for inheritance. Recent decades have seen it grow to be like a country in its own right, with a considerable amount of Midir territory coming to be considered company property. The notion of outright conquest through coin rather than force of arms is one with which the powers along the Corridor have not yet learned to effectively contend, but their place in tide of history may hinge on how they adapt in the coming years.

The Company is overseen by a Board of Directors who have each risen to their station through years of honing their skills, plying their guile, forging alliances and deposing rivals within Corvus, and are never without contengencies to benefit from any situation. The various Departments of the Company often employ adventurers of varying skillsets, since a forensic accountant who can use a hand crossbow is much more likely to survive to report the misdeeds of an embezzling superior.