Founded by the adrift legions of the Bloodless King in the wake of his defeat, and by those confused beings spawned from pools of his roiling, spilt blood, Rubreks is a rather martial nation ruled by a number of Legions extended from those which once served under the still-dead god. Rubreks has long since incorporated mortals into its society, many of whom have found places of their own in the Legions side-by-side with angels and devils. While the appearance of the Elder Eye is a standing casus belli in the eyes of the Legions and the Steward, the Twelve Legions take it in five-year turns to guard the northern border against the intrusion of the Everwood, cull the monsters which spawn ceaselessly from the pooled blood in the King's Catacombs, and to maintain naval cordons against even stranger threats abroad. This abundance of duties keeps the goings on of the other nations generally outside Rubreks' notice.